How to Become a Better Sprinter

track19When you think of sprinting, some famous public figures that have been successful come to mind. Here are Usain Bolt tips for sprinters that focus on how to improve on a person’s current performance.

Owing to the speed with which athletes complete the 100m run, it may seem easy, but there is more than just running fast. Contrary to what people believe, reaching your full sprinting potential takes some effort and an awareness of the science behind acceleration.

  1. Position your body: for faster sprinting, the back of the ankle and the head should be in a straight line as you get set for the run. Maintain an angle of 45 degrees between the body and the ground. Avoid sticking out the bottom as it causes unbalance in the force needed for you to launch the run.
  2. Relax: it is normal to be nervous because chances are that you are competing against the best talent in the world. It is important, however, to stay relaxed because any strain or tension will cause the muscles to be stiff, which will slow you down. The secret to staying relaxed is to keep your palms open as you run and maintain an angle of 90 degrees between the elbows and arms.
  3. Take shorter strides: by taking shorter steps, the feet tend to spend more time on the ground than up in the air and, therefore, quickens the movement pace. As you keep the steps short, consider hitting the ground with the front foot to avoid bouncing. Bouncing wastes energy on vertical movement while what you want to achieve is horizontal propulsion.

If the feet fall in a position that is in front of your body as you run, then you use up extra energy to pull your body forward. To propel the body forward using its own weight, make sure that the feet land on a spot that is under the body.